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The AASF is supported by the EBRD and the Government of Albania

AASF follows a comprehensive approach addressing both supply and demand sides. AASF combines funding and/or risk-sharing support to participating financial institutions (PFIs) to increase lending to the agribusiness sector on one hand, with support for agribusiness entities with business advice and know-how on the other.

AASF includes the following four pillars:

•   Agribusiness Credit Lines - senior unsecured credit lines to PFIs in Albania for on-lending to agribusiness entities for medium-long term investments.

•   Agribusiness Risk-Sharing Facilities - unfunded participation in a portfolio-based risk-sharing instrument covering up to 50% of the aggregate amount of a portfolio of outstanding eligible agribusiness Sub-Loans.

•   First Loss Risk Cover ("FLRC") - a credit enhancement mechanism provided by the Government of Albania, covering the first 20% of losses of the aggregate amount of Sub-Loans financed with the proceeds of the Agribusiness Credit Line or Risk Sharing Instrument.

•   Technical Assistance program ("TA"), which consists of two components:

A) PFI Capacity Building TA:

TA to PFIs comprises customised and targeted support tailored to the needs and requirements of each PFI including with a focus on: development of new products or enhancement of existing agribusiness products, enhancement of underwriting policies and procedures for agribusiness lending, staff training, potential operational/organisational changes to accommodate new focus on agribusiness lending, introduction of innovative financing schemes and delivery channels, processing, monitoring and reporting systems, as well as general Facility implementation support. In addition, awareness building seminars, agribusiness sector specific info sessions, in the form of marketing events for PFIs, will be conducted.

B) Agribusiness sector-specific TA:

•   Advisory services to PFIs' sub-borrowers and potential sub-borrowers will be provided by the Advice for Small Business (ASB) team for the purpose of facilitating access to know-how and non-financial development services for agribusiness SMEs as well as access to markets through Market Development activities diagnostic services.

Exhibit: Structure of the Albania Agribusiness Support Facility


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