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The AASF is supported by the EBRD and the Government of Albania

Under the TA component of AASF, PFIs may benefit from the following trainings and workshops:

Training / Workshop Description
Agribusiness strategy workshop Orientation for Senior Managers and core group of agribusiness finance experts
Agribusiness lending marketing and sales training Designed for relationship managers / loan officers responsible for agribusiness banking activities and aims to introduce specifics of agribusiness enterprises as well as improve marketing and sales skills of participants
Foundations of Agribusiness Lending Training Designed to familiarize the relationship managers / loan officers with agribusiness economy and lending to this sector including various agribusiness activities i.e. crop production, dairy farming, cattle fattening etc.
Agribusiness Project / Investment Finance Training Designed to expand the know-how and increase the expertise of selected relationship managers / loan officers, HO risk and credit staff, regarding investment projects in agribusiness.
Advanced Agribusiness Lending Training Designed to offer in-depth analyses from farm to fork on the main tillage and livestock areas (i.e. milk production, meat, vegetable, etc.)
Agribusiness On-the - job Trainings In order to transfer the theoretic knowledge delivered during classroom trainings into practice, comprehensive on-the-job trainings and field coaching activities are conducted.
Value Chain Finance Workshop/ Coaching Senior Management and the key agribusiness finance experts are trained in understanding the value chain and its ability to attract a significant number of small primary producers in a cost effective and risk-reduced scenario.
Training of Trainers A professional learning process for qualified trainers who will be providing training and assistance for Agribusiness lending.
Agribusiness scoring tool training This training provides an overview of the new scoring tool to be designed for agribusiness lending and explain the effectiveness of the tool in loan decision making.
Financial Literacy for farmers Farmers are trained how to talk to a financial institution. Coaching agribusinesses about financials, what is important in dealing with financial institutions and how to effectively present loan applications.

In addition to trainings and workshops, PFIs may benefit from the following consulting areas under the TA component of AASF:

Consulting Area
Definition of target segment / customer profile for agribusiness lending
Definition of Agribusiness lending strategy
Leads generation, customer identification, sales, cooperation with AZHBR and other stakeholders
Marketing strategy, tools, material, marketing campaign
Agri-lending product design, implementation, roll-out, MIS support
Agrilending guidelines, policies, procedures, processes
Agrilending decision making, agrilending organization and structure
Agribusiness risk management and collection
Agri-loan underwriting, tech-cards, design and road map for scoring model
Design MIS, reporting tool
Value chain products, aggregation models
Pilot agribusiness lending approach
Roll-out of agribusiness lending


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